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Help is just a button away

Day or night, rain or shine, we're here for you. Just one push will connect you with the proper assistance when you need it most.  

Belle LTE

Simple. Safe.

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A user needs help and presses the call button until the light around the call button turns blue

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A specialist speaks with the user via two-way voice communication

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Help is sent to the user and emergancy contacts are notified

sos responder device


  • Up to 30 days per charge
  • Battery light flashes after call when low
  • Email and text notifications for battery status
User's location determined by surrounding WiFi network
  • Certified on verizon 4G LTE network
  • Two way voice through pendant
  • DIMENSIONS: 1.57 x 2.60 x 0.67
  • WEIGHT: 1.7 oz


Our User's Experiences

I have an elderly neighbor who can barely make it up a flight of steps by herself. I’ve watched her a few times nearly fall over and it really scared me. When I reached out to SOS Responder I was impressed with their knowledge and eagerness to help. Today my neighbor doesn’t go anywhere without her monitor around her neck.
David Halprin
I’ve been using my Belle for a few months now. It really changed my life. Before I purchased it I was always nervous that if I fell I would not be able to make it to the phone. Now I can push for help any time. They even notify me when my battery is low!
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Samantha Beltran
My daughter wanted me to get a monitoring system for a while now, but I never agreed. My brother had one a few years back. Every time it went off, it made a racket. When I spoke to SOS Responder they explained that the new model is much better. It’s high quality, lightweight, GPS included, and that I could even wear it in the shower. I am really grateful for all their help.
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Craig Sperling

Our Mission

SOS Responder is a New Jersey based medical monitoring systems company. Since its founding in 2016 we have sold and actively manage thousands of medical monitoring systems for seniors and others throughout the USA and beyond. SOS Responder has deep knowledge of the industry and the numerous monitoring brands sold worldwide. Over the years we have continually fine tuned our search process, as well as collaborated with the manufacturers, to present our clients with the most up to date, responsive, and reliable alert products available at an affordable price.

Our Mission is to successfully  combine the highest quality medical alert systems, with the best possible customer service, at an affordable price, every time.